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Monday, February 27, 2006

Cigars - A Quick History by Al Remp

Cigars in their beginnings, more than 500 years ago, provided pleasure and relaxation. Nothing has changed in that pursuit.

When Columbus first witnessed this enjoyment in the New World, he realized that smoking a cigar had to be shown to the queen of Spain, and thus, the cigar industry was born. To this day – cigar smoking continues to be that pleasure, men and women seek from one type of cigar to another.

What has changed in the years is the variety of cigars being offered. The excellence of the growing and an industry that knows no bounds.

Never before has the “appearance”, “taste”, “aroma” and “construction” become so important in the pursuit of enjoyment.

It is safe to say that each manufacturer, large or small, has a commitment to produce a cigar that is unique, and has a pride of accomplishment unequaled. Their part of the cigar industry is to maintain the growing of tobacco, the proper curing and an inventory of tobacco that deliver consistency.

They have a history of hundreds of years of their final approval of any cigar they manufacture, and are proud to attach their name to that end.

A cigar is a marvel of the ages.

Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar

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