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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Puros Indios Cigar Event in Tampa

Thompson Cigar’s Outlet Store in Tampa, Fla. was honored to have a special visitor Friday April 7, 2006. Carlos Diez, Vice President of Puros Indios Cigars met with customers during an in-store tasting event featuring Puros Indios Cigars and Cuba Aliados Cigars.

Carlos is the grandson of famed Cuban cigar maker Don Rolando “Rolando Reyes Sr.” Carlos shared a story about a recent tragedy at his grandfather’s farm in Danli, Honduras. Don Rolando was feeding a wild boar that he had raised on the property when the boar attacked, mauling the hand that fed it. Carlos says it’s a slow process but the 82-year-old is doing better after traveling back and forth several times to the U.S. for surgery.

Don Rolando has been called “The world’s most talented cigar maker”. He considers himself to be a genuine “Cuban Tobacconist” in the old tradition. He likes to say “El que imita, fracasa – The one that copies, fails.”

Thompson Cigar hosts several in-store events each month. The next event will be April 21, 2006. We will host Christian Eiroa, son of Julio Eiroa, owner of Camacho and Baccarat Cigars.

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