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Friday, May 12, 2006

CAO Cigars event at Thompson Cigar Store

Tim Ozgener, Vice President of CAO Cigars, visited the Thompson Cigar Store today for an in-store event. Tim's father, Cano A. Ozgener, started the company in 1968 making and selling high-quality pipes. They later moved to selling humidors and finally, in 1994, they introduced the world to the CAO brand of cigars.

Tim recently started his own blog at the CAO website called Ozblog. Read about CAO's latest promotions and company happenings. His posts reveal a passion about his job and his company. Definately add it to your list of blogs to read every week.

As for the cigars his company makes, Tim says CAO cigars provide "diversity in taste and consistency in excellence".

Tim was in Tampa to promote CAO Gold and CAO Italia. Also on display were their exclusive "Sopranos" brand as well as others. Thanks for stopping by and spending time with our customers, Tim.

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