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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Waiting to Store - humidor and cigars as presents

A question from one of our readers:

Nicki writes:
Hello. I had just bought a humidor and some cigars for my husband for our
anniversary, which is on June 18th. I was wondering if the cigars I bought will be ok in the shipping box until the 18th, or is that something I should give him now so he can stet up the humidor and get the cigars in there asap?

Answer from Al Remp:
First, the cigars will be fine and remain fresh until June 18 in the box.

Second, the gifts, if I were to receive them, should be packaged together. If you want to do this, the humidor needs to be prepared before the cigars are placed in it.

A) With distilled water, lightly rub the interior twice, so that the wood is cured.
B) Check the guages to read 70 70, then the cigars can be put in so they remain firm, not soft or hard.

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