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Sunday, July 30, 2006

CAO Cigar Blogger takes Greyhound to RTDA

Jon Huber, the Chief Marketing Officer at CAO Cigars, posted a story about his 40-hour adventure to the RTDA show in Vegas two weeks ago.

Huber couldn't fly because of an ear infection but it sounds like it would have been worth a busted eardrum instead of taking the bus and living off Fritos and M&M's.

Visit the CAO blog and read his story.

Here's a quick snippet:
It's akin to some sort of Al Qaeda sleep deprivation torture technique. You no sooner get comfortable enough to where you forget about the ache in your knees that you CAN drift off to sleep when - BAM - all the lights in the bus go on and the driver announces that you're in Green City, UT, and you have 20 minutes.
So you get off the bus to stretch your legs, go into the truck stop and momentarily consider a junk food snack before coming to your senses. Then you browse at the countless pairs of cheap sunglasses, discounted Molly Hatchet CDs, and knockoff Orange County Chopper caps.....then it's back on the bus.


  • At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I took a Greyhound from CA to NJ on my way overseas when I was in the USAF back in 1977. It took three days and I slept 16 hrs. when I got to Jersey. Looks like things haven't changed much.


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