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Thursday, February 15, 2007

3 Regular Guys Cigar Review - CAO Brazilia Gol!

Super 8 Cigar Sampler Review Courtesy of the 3 Regular Guys at Thompson Cigar.

So the 3 Regular Guys have slacked off so much on our cigar reviews that we now have to share the stage with this Corona Chris guy. If the intention was to motivate us to get back to providing you guys with reviews of cigars, it worked.

But seriously, not only are we glad to have Corona Chris onboard, but he’s also a great resource for us. Another perq is that he works in our retail store so when we hang out there talking cigars with him it’s not too much of a stretch to call it research instead of skipping out on our other work.

Our next stop in our trek through the Super 8 Sampler (we promise we’ll wrap this one up and move on SOON) is the CAO Brazilia Gol! As mentioned in a prior post about the Criollo, this is Tim Ozgener’s breakaway cigar where, in addition to cooking up some flashy and rather non-traditional packaging, he also wanted to showcase Brazilian tobacco in its own right instead of being just a filler component. Well, the way he went about this couldn’t make us much happier!

The Brazilia is a great maduro cigar offered in a variety of sizes (we reviewed the Gol! 5 x 56 –a perfect robusto). The filler and binder are Nicaraguan tobacco and the wrapper is a stunning Brazilian leaf. This cigar is an ideal combination of ingredients and craftsmanship and it shows. While reviewing our tasting notes it became abundantly clear that this cigar could only have gotten more accolades from us if the Padron was not in the Super 8 mix. Colm probably summed it up when he waxed poetic and said, “The only thing that would make this cigar better would be to make it a Nicaraguan puro!”

We mostly agree, however this cigar cannot and should not be a Nicaraguan puro. It’s the Brazilia and what makes it the Brazilia is that incredible wrapper. Because of that wrapper, which mellows this smoke sort of like how the beach in Rio mellows the pace of life, this cigar has strength, full body and complexity but makes sure there’s no edginess at all. If you smoke a Brazilia that has a bit of an edge or bite to it that stick was the victim of abuse somewhere in its youth. Instead it should smoke smooth as silk and deep with hints of cocoa and dark chocolate. Should you detect any hint of bitterness it should only be as it relates to the tastes of dark chocolate.

Dave enjoyed every bit of this cigar. From the appearance and pre-light aroma of oiled leather to the medium to full bodied smoke which reminded him of a wood fire in a fireplace and tasting of black licorice and chocolate. His cigar burned evenly all the way to the band and produced a white ash that starkly contrasted with the dark wrapper. Basically this sounds like a contender to be his comfort cigar.

Colm brought up the consistency of CAO cigars and as such only cautioned the smoker to ensure she has enough time to sit down and properly smoke this cigar. Aside from that to him this cigar was very nice, smooth smoking, having hints of cocoa, with a good complexity and well-balanced. The construction was great; he took note of its great ash and even burn. Colm puts this cigar on his list of sticks that he would eagerly recommend to anyone –which we presume is also inclusive of people he likes.

Scott picked up on the same excellent construction characteristics of this stick and loved the cool full-bodied smoke that yielded a medium length clean and light finish. This is a big ring cigar and his favorite size because this cigar basically smokes itself. He also found the taste had a dark chocolate bitterness that rounds out to a woody coffee taste. The toasty smoke starts on the front and side of the palate and ends lingering over the center. This stogie is just all around pleasant and satisfying.

Our only peeve with the Brazilia that we could dig up is that it’s spelled with a “Z.” Take a look at the band –“handmade” is written in Portuguese but the English spelling of the nation is used. As a perfect robusto the Brazilia Gol! is named after the Brazilian Portuguese word for “goal!” In that regard even if it’s not spelled Brasilia this cigar definitely scores in our world! GOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLL!

Get your Super 8 Sampler by clicking here >>.

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  • At 11:35 AM, Anonymous 3rd Regular Guy said…

    3 Regular Guys disclaimer: we were ready to go to press with this on Monday! It was our esteemed Blogmaster who shuffled us around and made us really look remiss. We'll all try harder! -and I think he should owe us each a good cigar as penance.

  • At 7:16 PM, Blogger Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said…

    If you would have finished this review in say, the year 2006, maybe...

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger John Wingert said…

    This is a fabulous Cigar!

    I agree, make sure you have the time to fully enjoy it and while you are at it, pick up an extra to share with a friend.

    John Wingert
    Smoking for Peace

  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Corona Chris said…

    The 3 Regular Guys do more "research" than anyone else here!


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