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Monday, April 30, 2007

3 Regular Guys Review: La Gloria Cubana Churchill Natural

La Gloria Cubana is great brand by Ernesto Perez-Carillo. Actually, it was started by his father and Ernesto went out into the world earning his living as a jazz musician –sound eerily similar to Avo Uvezian? After a while Ernesto decided that maybe the cigar business and his family’s tradition in it was really something that he should embrace. He returned home to Miami, learned the business from his father and then took it even further under his own direction.

Also similar to Avo Uvezian, Ernesto’s compositions of tobacco are pretty enticing. Lend me your ear because we got to smoke the La Gloria Cubana Churchill in Natural wrapper. We’ve had this stick for a few weeks laying up in each of our humidors on our desks –a nice thing about working for a cigar company is that having your own personal humidor on your desk doesn’t really set you apart and sometimes you can glean some nice quality free sticks to stock it up with. Despite our initial doubts that Colm would even still have his cigar –given his penchant for gifting away anything lacking an Arturo Fuente band- he was able to locate his and the couple of weeks nestled up next to cedar could have only been a good thing for this cigar.

Now, first off, we were all a little reluctant to smoke this cigar as we do like La Gloria quite a lot (Scott most out of all three of us), but we do certainly prefer Ernesto’s Serie R creations and Maduro makes it even better. Also this was a Churchill that we smoked and those tend to take a bit of time. Our smoking breaks, whether on assignment or purely personal, can easily stretch to the burn time of a robusto, but a Churchill is a bit of a stretch. However, for a fair assessment, you’ve gotta give the stick some length to show it’s whole personality. So, being the devoted bloggers for you that we are, we 3 Regular Guys smoked almost the whole thing.

This cigar has a very smooth wrapper that has almost imperceptible veins running through it. It has a very deep double cap that cut nicely and held up great. Dave of course is of the opinion that a good cap is only half of the equation and a good cutter, like our slew of Xikars we pack with us, is necessary to execute it properly. Pre-light the wrapper smells like leather. The filler however did tip us off as smelling a little bit like young tobacco that could use a little more time to age up.

The cigars all lit quite nicely. The draw was pretty good, but Scott thought it was a bit firm even for a Churchill. The downside of it was the stick didn’t produce all that much smoke. They burned pretty evenly and yielded a nice light gray/white ash.

Right out of the gate these sticks didn’t wow us. It was a little disorganized and started out somewhat peppery and bitter. Fortunately this was a brief phase for it and once it burned past about half-inch it smoothed out a lot and gained a pleasant toasty taste. The smoke had a nice creamy note to it, but it was a bit subtle to pick up on due to the low volume of smoke it produced.

Once this big Churchill found it’s direction it was a nice smoke. It certainly stayed cool and had a short to medium finish that was notably dry. This La Gloria stayed very consistent. It did not come across as being complex however in its defense it was definitely balanced. This is a good stick for the Natural smoker and also a pretty nice entry point for the novice. We would probably recommend a shorter length and a bigger ring to try to max out the smoke a bit so you can get a better feel for the flavors of this tobacco.

This cigar is a very good candidate for a daily cigar. It’s not quite exemplary enough to set itself out there as a special occasion cigar. There was a little bit of an unpleasant aftertaste, but we were smoking these alongside bottles of Florida’s finest –spring water. Substitute in a nice single-malt or a dunkel weise and you’d never notice. Give this stick a try, it’s worth it!

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  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said…

    Let's go you cigar monkeys. Crank out another one. What's next on the list?

  • At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How do ya get this gig?
    I'm soooooooo in.

  • At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Clinton Rogal said…

    It is difficult. You need years of training, great knowledge of cigar, and a creative writing style that helps explain your thoughts clearly and articulately. Well, that is how Scott and David got the job. No one knows how Colm got this gig. He was either asked accidently, or has some incriminating pictures of Al Remp.

  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Isaac said…

    Hey guys, cool site. I just had one of these myself, though I have not yet gotten a chance to write about it ( ). I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable, yet it was too big for me to consider to be an "everyday" cigar, I just don't have that much time! I will be linking you guys at our site. Cheers!

  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    I love the La Gloria line of cigars and have been smoking them for a dozen years now. Your recommendation for this as an everyday smoke is right on. I also have a preference for the Serie R version of the LGC line as I really prefer a large ring guage. Keep up the testing and blogging.

  • At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Never tried the Churchill. However, the Series R #7 Maduro with a few brandy snifters sets for a delightful palate. Brought to life with my ST Dupont Ligne 2 in Chinese Lacquer sends me into Maduro heaven. Puff, puff..!

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger DougD said…

    I've been smoking these since 1995 from there old rolling shop on Calle Ocho and I've smoked everything; these are the best daily smokes out there. Just like Brian above, I also smoke the Serie R 6 & 7 w/large ring gauge.

    Doug. D., Miami


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