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Friday, January 25, 2008

3 Regular Guys Review: Oliveros Silver Eagle (Size: Gold Eagle)

We Two Regular Guys have admittedly been slacking. Let us qualify that: we’ve been extremely busy with our other job responsibilities, and have done a terrible job of smoking cigars and writing reviews. Not to worry: we’ve been smoking lots of cigars, we just haven’t blogged about any of them.
A few weeks back Corona Chris gave us each an Oliveros Silver Eagle Toro. We stashed them in our desk humidors. A week or so later he asked us if we had smoked them. Nope; still in the humidor. In an attempt to look less like slackers, Scott told Corona Chris maybe he should become the new Third Regular Guy and then he could find time to smoke the Oliveros and write about it. Figuring it should buy him some time, Colm agreed with the idea.
Sure enough, Corona Chris smoked his Silver Eagle first –at home on the weekend. Colm and Scott opted for the more convenient workplace afternoon tasting. What follows is our combined thoughts on this Honduran-made natural stick.
All three of us noted the good looking Ecuadorian-grown, Connecticut-seed wrapper, which was even in color and smooth. Scott thought the cap was less than pristine, but it held up very well to a punch cutter. Chris and Scott noted a very good draw, yielding a tremendous amount of cool smoke. Scott was happy to have opted for a punch cut as this Toro would have had a super easy draw with a full guillotine cut.
The burn wandered a little bit initially on each of our cigars, but never badly. After the first third, it evened out, and stayed steady for the duration. The ash was light gray and slightly flaky, but held on for a long time as good testament to the long filler within.
Corona Chris noted a consistent flavor from start to finish. He found the strength and body to be mild to medium, due to the strength of the Nicaraguan filler mellowed by the Dominican filler. Overall, the new Third Regular Guy felt the Silver Eagle was a well-made blend, with a nice aroma.
Scott tasted an initial sweetness, maybe from the wrapper, but perhaps more likely from the Indonesian Sumatra binder, which quickly merged into the filler, but remained discernible. Strength was just across the line into medium, with a medium body. Scott opted to call it medium strength because, after the initial creamy full smoke, it turned to a white pepper note on the back of your palate during the dry, clean, medium-length finish. Scott thought this cigar built in strength during the first third, and then, rather quickly mellowed and smoothed for the remainder of the stick.
Colm also noted the initial taste as having some strength and an edge to it, but mellowing out to a nice, mild flavor. He thought the Silver Eagle would make a good morning cigar or during the front nine of golf. He and Scott noted the oversized shiny band as making this stogie logistically optimal for yard work. You can pull weeds or dig up a tree and never have to touch the wrapper with your hands.
Consensus is this is a nice, mild cigar. It’s not going to knock you out. Neither is it going to break your budget. If you needed another reason why you should give this cigar a try, and dabble in other Oliveros’ lines, then you’ve got no excuse with the value this stogie represents. Pick some up, and see what you think.

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