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Monday, June 16, 2008

3 Regular Guys Review: Augusto Reyes Nativo

Reyes is Spanish for Kings, which seems fitting when you look at the Reyes’ family resume in the tobacco business. A century and a half working directly with tobacco creates a positive sense of obligation, as trustee of a craft handed you by generations before. So it is with Augusto Reyes, who is known as a veritable king by industry insiders but less so by John Q. Smoker. Reyes has been crafting exceptional cigars in his factories for countless top brands, but only now, with his blend Nativo, has he put his name on the band.
Nativo, Spanish for native, is also well named as this cigar is a Dominican puro. The filler is a blend of Olor, Criollo 98, and Piloto Cubano. The binder on our Corona size Nativos is Olor and the wrapper is Criollo 98, which is evident by its trademark hue. Colm expected to feel some oiliness to the wrapper, but didn’t. Scott did detect some oil, which made him anticipate the richer flavor when lit. Corona Chris thought the wrapper was actually a bit fragile. But, on the whole this was a well constructed cigar. The cap cut and held exactly as it should.
Once lit, the draw was optimal and scored high by everyone, having just enough even resistance. This stick produced plenty of mellow, cool smoke. Corona Chris thought the Nativo tasted rich and smooth, but noted that after the halfway point it began to lose some of its smoothness. Colm thought the A. Reyes Nativo tasted fantastic, and was medium to full in body. Corona Chris and Scott both thought that this tasty cigar was a lot closer to the low end of medium strength. The Nativo has plenty of structure though and is satisfyingly balanced. Our Nativos burned well and turned into dense, light gray ash. The finish was short and clean.
Overall, Colm thought that this was a great smoke and a bit stronger than he expected. He immediately requested more samples for further testing. Corona Chris enjoyed the aroma of Nativo and thought it’d be a solid choice for a late-morning through afternoon smoke. Scott enjoyed this Dominican puro’s consistency as he had smoked quite a number of them previously and each was predictably satisfying. Almost without a doubt, you have already smoked a cigar that was made by Augusto Reyes. Now, it’s time to really give his craftsmanship a shot by smoking this first cigar to have his name on it.

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