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Friday, January 16, 2009

5-Packs Are The Answer

This is now the best time to find deals on cigars. Why? Every smoker is looking for killer deals, and every retailer is trying to top one another with the best deal. I have seen so many brands come out in last couple of years, that sometimes I need to do a double take just to keep up. How can the average smoker try all of these new brands, and still have time to smoke the timeless classics? The answer is 5-Packs. The 5-Pack allows the average smoker to smoke more than 1 cigar of the same size and blend (which is key when trying out cigar), and it also allows the smoker to pick and choose multiple 5-Packs at lower than box prices or single prices (most of the time). Why buy one box of cigars, when you have the opportunity to buy four to five different 5-Packs for less than most premium cigar boxes on the market? You now have the answer, so experience what 5-Pack purchasers already know, and enjoy some great smokes.

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Product Review by Corona Chris, Thompson Cigar product specialist

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