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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cigar Wrappers - by Al Remp

The variety of wrappers, to complete that portion of the “making of a cigar” to assure appearance and taste, is by brand needs, and consumer appreciation for that special cigar experience. The variety is enormous, but each type selected has a purpose.

They are-Grown by country:
U.S.A.-Connecticut Shade
Connecticut Broadleaf
Dominican Republic-Connecticut Seed
Sun or Shade Grown
Honduras-Connecticut Seed, Corojo, Maduro, and Candela
Nicaraguan-Connecticut Seed, Rosado, Maduro
Indonesian-TBN, Sumatra, Candela, and Maduro
Ecuador-Connecticut Seed, Sumatra Seed
Brazil-Mata Fina, Baja, Maduro, Arapacara
Costa Rica-Maduro

Not to confuse you, but only to enlighten you when you see certain wrappers by a country, as information and knowledge. Each cigar, when created selects wrappers from a specific country, that the manufacturer knows of its desired affect based on seed, climate, to a finished product. At no time will a manufacturer select the three components wrapper, binder, and filler without a great amount of historical knowledge, as to the desired affect for a unique experience by you-the ultimate decision maker.

Next time-Shape of Cigars.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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  • At 11:15 PM, Blogger Steve said…

    I have been running into a problem with my cigars lately, I keep my humidor at or about 70/70, with a couple of degrees variance.

    Whats happening after lighting up, the wrapper is spliting and unraveling, or just breaking off in pieces..

    Any ideas what this is an indication of, ???



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