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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ask Al Remp - Cigar Expert

Who is Al Remp?
Al Remp is a product specialist and trainer for Thompson Cigar with 46 years experience in the cigar industry. Here is his biographical info:

Al began as a salesman for Roi-Tan cigars in 1960. From that position he was selected to represent a new cigar entry - Mureil Cigars as a District Manager. He was later promoted to Regional Manager and remained there for 25 years.

Moving to a new challenge, Al joined M+N cigars as National Sales Manager to re-structure the field sales division. After that was completed, he started another challenge. Al was in charge of creating seven brands in the Dominican Republic and Honduras as a Senior V.P., Sales and Manufacturing. He developed all strategies from inception to retail sales.

From there, Al moved on to Director of Sales for Davidoff. His mission was the selection of products in keeping with the high quality of the Davidoff brand.

Each step of progress throughout the years enriched his knowledge and understanding of the cigar industry. Credit to that end goes to senior management along the path and to all the retailers Al worked with. After retirement, Al joined Thompson Cigar as a product specialist and trainer.

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