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Monday, May 01, 2006

Shapes and Sizes of Cigars

Perhaps an area of the manufacturing that, coupled with the selection of a blend that is sometimes confusing, is the variety of shapes and sizes. There are 21 standard shapes and sizes that have and are offered. However, there are new shapes and sizes being created daily.

Why so many? Quite simply it is the manufacturer and/or brand owner’s desire to offer his cigar with the traditional shapes and sizes, plus a different presentation, to establish brand recognition and awareness.

The most popular shapes and sizes:
Robusto 5 x 50
Corona 5.5 x 42
Churchill 7 x 47
Lonsdale 6.5 x 42
Toro 6 x 50
Panatela 6 x 38
Torpedo 6.5 x 52

Additional shapes and sizes, some from history being offered:
Culebras- 3 small cigars twisted together, but smoked seperately Perfecto- Two tapered ends
Belicoso- 6 x 54
Magnum 9 x 50
Cordial 5 x 30
Pyramid 7 x 36/54
Diademas 9 x 52
Unusual offerings-various sizes:

Next time-When Shapes or sizes is right for you.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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