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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What happens when cigars split and unravel after lighting up?

Another Cigar Blog 101 reader asked this question in response to Al Remp's post on Cigar Wrappers.

Steve asked:
"I have been running into a problem with my cigars lately, I keep my humidor at or about 70/70, with a couple of degrees variance. What's happening after lighting up, the wrapper is spliting and unraveling, or just breaking off in pieces.. Any ideas what this is an indication of, ???"

Here's what Al has to say:
First thought - are all cigars in your collection experiencing the same problem? If so, the guage is not accurate - buy a digital guage, and raise the humidity level for several days.

Second, if it is one specific brand - then they were not in prime condition when purchased.

Third, are you removing the cello tube before placing cigars in your humidor?

Finally, there are still lots of possibilities for the problem, please let us hear from you again.

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