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Monday, August 14, 2006

More about Flavored Cigars

This area of discussion, flavored cigars is a phenom. Never before has a product extension, caught the consumer’s attention and continues to grow, so quickly.

The basic reason seems to be two parts of our original discussion-“Taste and Aroma” not that “appearance” is lacking, but the dominance of taste sensation and aromas, make this product continue to grow.

They are very pleasurable, and consumers have made those brand manufacturers, enlarge the flavor offerings, I will list some: vanilla, rum, honey, chocolate, menthol, cappuccino, cherry, peach, blackberry, cherry cream, orange, honey nut, coffee, and many more.

This explosion of flavors is not to confuse, but to satisfy a particular taste that, you as consumer like as that favorite as a commodity. There are purists that explain a flavored cigar will do some harm to the palate. We can think of the many food tastes we enjoy, which may never have an effect on future food enjoyment.

There are manufacturers and brand owners whose total production and identity rests with flavored cigars, and they are growing. There are regular cigar manufacturers in the flavored business, and pleased with the line extension.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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