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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Truth about Mix Filler Cigars

The subject of “mix-filler” cigars, which has been debated for years, the debate being “throw away tobacco”, “floor sweepings”, and any number of negative comments.

First of all, no manufacturer would attach his/her name to a product that has such perceived negatives.

What is a mix-filler cigar?
1. It is a cigar that uses fillers from the cuttings of long filler cigar, as it occurs from each cigar roller’s table.

2. The cuttings are prime, aged tobaccos, not tobacco that is less than smokable.

3. All cuttings are placed in a small hopper-type container, mixed well with a consistent taste, as the goal by a master blender.

4. Once this mix is available, then a binder and wrapper are selected to compliment the mix-filler.

It would be plain foolish to put the mix-filler with binder and wrapper that would make it less than enjoyable, “just to use the mix-filler”, that product would fail at the first puff.

Mix-filler cigars are usually on the mild side, burn very well, and taste and aroma are quite pleasant. For some smokers, mix-filler cigars are perfect, and their only type cigar. For others mix-filler is their beginning cigar of the day, and is as fine smoke as any others. If not told, it is doubtful many cigar smokers could not denote mix-filler from long-filler, they are simply made well.

Finally, most manufacturers will use the cuttings and have a mix-filler product available.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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