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Monday, September 25, 2006

Al Remp- A Cigar Man’s History - part 1

Who is Al Remp? We asked Al to document his history so you, the blog reader, could understand his importance in cigar history...

It all began with Roitan Cigars- 1960 in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, - placing Roitan in any and all retail outlets- following the direction of George Brody- probably the best salesman I have ever met.

In my travels, I met distributor’s salesman, Al Foose, Al Hibbaro to name two, who taught me to sell today. During those days, names that molded a beginner- Bernie Berheimer, John McCormick, Freddie Krakoff, and on and on.

Next opportunity happened because of Jack Borchardt, V.P. Muriel Cigars- who saw potential in me and Joe Bornstein, Ray Myers, with Bill McKenna as my sales manager- allowed me to grow to regional sales mgr.- to include El Producto Dutch Masters and Muriel for the total Mid West.

During my time with Consolidated Cigar, we pre-sold product to an another company- a five man group managed its total operation- then met Alex Brainard, Jim Brown, George Gerschel, and finally Theo Folz- all of which aided my growth in one fashion of other.

It was at that time, K-mart, Osco Drug, Walgreen, Sav-on Drug, all became my responsibilities- Alex Brainard wanted dominant shelf space, and total control of product, our own and competition- and he taught me how to develop present and follow-up.

This phase of my career lasted 25 years- and new challenges entered.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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