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Monday, May 07, 2007

Something is Happening

Has anyone noticed some subtle positives for cigars, appearing in product advertising of some publications, geared to men, with someone in the advertisement, holding a cigar?

What great news! Very simple; always in an elegant setting.

Many years ago cigars, such as Tiparillos or Edie Adams featuring Air Tip, were common, always shown, in good taste.

If your local tobacconist has a window(s), perhaps a men’s store would consider showing their product in that window. It carries a dual message of elegance.

What we are saying to “lovers of the leaf” is cigars are a life-style and a complement to any surroundings.

Tell us if you too have noticed “cigars” in life-style publications, we're very curious.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.



  • At 10:09 AM, Anonymous 3rd Regular Guy said…

    Sadly, the MPAA has passed stricter ratings guidelines for smoking under the guise of further shielding children from harmful influence. I think it's perfectly reasonable to believe a parent can bring up a child with discipline and understanding such that right from wrong is a distinction they can make and not a choice that should be hidden from them for fear of a mis-step.

  • At 8:13 PM, Blogger Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said…

    I read a few magazines on a daily basis. I'll keep an eye out for these references for you, Al.

  • At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Clint Massey said…

    Wow, reading a few magazines a day is impressive. I can hardly get through my TV Guide.

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger Greg Hoffman, Internet Marketing Gorilla said…

    I have a little extra time on my hands right now.

  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger LSBA said…

    I just started smoking cigars about 3 months ago and I started seeing cigars in many sitcom and television settings.

    George Lopez Show, Two And a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and King of Queens just to name a few. None of these really showed elegance but it celebrated a special occasion.



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