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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cigar World: Part 1 (Dominican Republic)

The Dominican Republic continues to be the largest cigar producer with an estimated 60-65% of all countries. With this portion, there are many thousands of those involved, some estimates of 200,000, from growers to producers of finished cigars. The Dominican Republic Government employs hundreds from the tobacco institute (which has a facility of experimentation) to a minister of tobacco, knowing that the cigar industry is a very important export and important to the countries economy. Cigar tobacco growing is generations old, and many cigar makers can trace their lineage from grandfather to father to son or daughters. As you will note, their pride in a finished product never is compromised. To list brands would be very difficult, it encompasses the very large producers to some that are small, but the same expertise is their everyday concern. Two (2) major cities for cigar production are La Romana and Santiago with the major growing areas in central and north, in the mountain ranges. All types of tobaccos needed are grown from wrapper to binder to filler. The quality of tobaccos grown and used today, are considered the finest available in many years, and from the reaction of cigar smokers, they agree. Finally the finished product either a puro (all Dominican tobaccos) to cigars blended from several countries, are excellent from the very mild to full body. Enjoy!
By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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