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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Story of Davidoff

No other brand name has the universal “awe” as Davidoff, since the founder’s foray into his first Cigar Shoppe in Switzerland. Zino Davidoff has ennobled the words “the good life” to a class all to itself.
Zino Davidoff’s desire to the quality of a Product, presentation of that Product, thus assuring that a Davidoff cigar is the mark of excellence.
At his Cigar Shoppe, he met Dr. Ernst Schneider, who had a similar philosophy for his company, The Oettinger Group, one of Europe’s largest distributors of quality products.
Their friendship developed at once, and Dr. Schneider, considered by many a great judge of character, proposed to Zino, to take Davidoff cigars to the world.
Dr. Schneider also “liked” Zino Davidoff, the man, and their friendship blossomed.
As a spokesman for Davidoff, until his passing, Zino is still considered the finest cigar man in history.
From that small Cigar Shoppe in Switzerland, which still remains today, to the growing list of additional Davidoff stores, to the Appointed Merchants of Davidoff, the cigar industry continues to marvel at Dr. Schneider’s vision and the worldwide acclaim of the brand Davidoff.
Now to a new association for the manufacturing, once Davidoff departed Cuba, and meeting and eventual relationship with Hendrik Kelner in the Dominican Republic.
Once again, Dr. Schneider and his character assessment saw the quality of the man, coupled with his knowledge of manufacturing, to make not just any cigar, but a Davidoff. Their bond was quickly formed.
To this day, Dr. Schneider’s Commitment to the Zino Davidoff legacy is closely followed by Raymond Scheurer, the worldwide “ambassador” from the Corporate office and the Davidoff Master Blender Hendrik Kelner, Davidoff Dominican Republic, and to all Associates, to maintain the quality of product that speaks Davidoff “the good life”.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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