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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Ultimate Cigar Event!

Our company receives calls everyday from our customers begging for details on when the next Cigar Artisans will be held. Well, the wait is soon to be over for this year’s Cigar Artisans. There is only one problem. This event will sell out extremely fast, since the demand for these tickets are so high, and less than 1500 tickets are available. Because of this I wanted to give our blog readers a chance to get VIP tickets or standard tickets before they are published in our next catalog. Once they go in our catalog we will sell out in a matter of days. All of your favorite brands, and cigar makers will be here for one day only. I can’t stress enough how rare it is to have a cigar event of this magnitude open to our readers. Where else can you get over 40 premium cigars, food, drinks, live entertainment, free gifts, and a chance to win some amazing prizes. Plus you can meet and greet all the manufacturers, have the chance to take advantage of some exclusive one-day only offers in our cigar store, and smoke cigars all day long! Tickets range from $125-$150 (value per ticket: over $350) for the ultimate cigar event.

Click Here To Order Your Tickets Now!

Review by Corona Chris, Thompson Cigar product specialist

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Speak Out Now!

Dear fellow cigar enthusiast,

The U.S. Senate will shortly vote on a proposal to expand the state children’s health insurance program by $35 billion.

Funding is to be provided solely through higher tobacco taxes. The tax increases on cigars are particularly punitive, as all large cigars would be subject to a tax of 53.13% of the manufacturer’s selling price. This is an increase of 156.4% over the current rate! And, while the current tax on cigars is capped so no cigar pays more than $.05 in federal taxes, the proposed legislation would increase the cap by 20,413% (not a typo) to $10 per cigar! The combination of these two factors will result in a dramatic increase in cigar prices in the U.S. and cause hardship and injury to consumers and cigar makers alike.

We urge you to contact your own U.S. Senators as well as the President(see link below), and urge them to vote to oppose the punitively high cigar tax increases in the state children’s health insurance legislation.

Visit click "Take Action Now" and email your senators!

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