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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

R.T.D.A. (Retail Tobacco Dealers Association)

Annually, all members of the above association, either a manufacturer or retailer, gather to view, consider or buy products. As a consumer, these products will soon be available in tobacco shops, online retailers, and catalog providers throughout the United States.

Every attendee (retailer only) spends three full days visiting booths of each manufacturer that range from a 10 foot single, to enormous displays of 20 to 40 booths for some companies.

As a past participant of various brands, and a member of many years, I personally have never seen so many new products (cigars) and such elaborate box presentation of these cigars.

To put this annual convention in perspective- 1000 retailers and 750-900 factory personal- owners and/or sales agents displaying in a convention center (this year was Houston) that few cities can accommodate. All involved in that great pleasure of cigars.

Also in attendance- as always- local T.V. coverage, and of course- “Cigar Dave” on-air- for the entire 3 days.

It is awesome, very exciting, and all for you as a consumer, to enjoy the results at your local retailer or catalog provider.

Results: New blends, exciting tastes, gorgeous wrappers, and some really exotic packaging and cigar accessories.

Enjoy the end result!!

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By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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