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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Triple Torch "Blog Special": $29.95

I’ve been waiting to do a review on this lighter for a long time. The problem was that our inventory has always been too low for a “Blog Special”, finally the time is right.

Three triple torch lighters for $29.95 with a lifetime warranty! The Transporter lighter is by far the best value we currently have on any triple torch lighter. Our own cigar shop in Tampa easily goes through a case of these lighters a week. Just keep these lighters pretty clean, and only use triple-refined butane for reliable usage. Each lighter includes a key to adjust the flame, and the ability to see the butane level when the body of the lighter is up to a light. Act now if a valued triple torch is what you need to light up a great smoke, they won’t last long!

Click Here To Order The Transporter Lighter!

Product Review by Corona Chris, Thompson Cigar product specialist

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cigars—What Your Guy Really Wants for Valentine’s Day!

Are you trying to think of an unusual and special gift for Valentine’s Day this year? If your sweetheart is a cigar aficionado, then you will score big points with him for your Valentine’s Day gift of cigars or cigar accessories.

Women can easily learn to make good cigar gift selections

Don’t shy away from this gift idea because you think you don’t know enough about cigars to make a smart purchase. The experts can help you select just the right cigar sampler or cigar accessory for your gentleman. “Cigars are similar to fine wines,” says Chris Szeglowski from Thompson Cigar, the nation’s oldest mail order cigar company. Chris also hosts the cigar blog on the Thompson Cigar website at so he’s a knowledgeable cigar guy. He says that women can more easily relate to cigars if they think about the process of aging and selecting wines. Wines are aged for better flavor—so are cigars. Cigars are aged at least two years. Who knew? There are dark and light cigars, similar to red and white wines.

How about a romantic Romeo y Julieta cigar to share with him?

There is a mystique surrounding the cigar lifestyle that few women break into, but more women are smoking cigars all the time. If you want to be adventurous, you can really surprise your guy by giving him a gift of cigars and sharing a smoke with him—out on the patio, perhaps? There’s an especially romantic brand that might fit the bill: Romeo y Julieta cigars.

Show you care by knowing a little about cigar history and production

You could also impress him with some of the interesting history of cigars and cigar production. What man doesn’t appreciate his lady taking an interest in something near and dear to his heart? For example, who would have guessed that cigars have been smoked as early as the 10th century? Ancient Mayan ruins contained a ceramic vessel decorated with a picture of a man smoking a cigar.

In the old Cuban cigar factories, a lector or reader entertained the workers as they labored. Portable music players eventually displaced most lectors, but some remain in Cuban factories. The name for the Montecristo cigar brand may be attributed to this practice.

Cigars are made with several different layers of tobacco leaves called the wrapper and the binder. Preserving the quality of these beauties is an utmost concern to the cigar lover. Some experts claim that cigars can be "laid down" and aged for decades if kept as close to 70 ºF (21 ºC) and 70% relative humidity as possible. So, if your sweetheart doesn’t already have a cigar humidor or special storage unit for his cigars, or if he could use a more portable case to take to the golf course or ball game, you might consider one as a gift.

Some gift suggestions from the experts

If your guy is savvy, he may already be dropping hints about the cigars or accessories he wants. However, if you need ideas, the experts at Thompson Cigar have put together a list of suggestions in various price ranges to help you with your Valentine’s Day cigar gift selections:

Romeo y Julieta Cigar Gift Set—When Altadis, the world’s largest cigar maker, puts on the dog by packaging this extraordinary tubed cigar in its own individual anniversary jar, it’s even more special. Each cigar is separately tubed and encased in a beautiful glass jar that makes its own statement of quality. Romeo y Julieta 1875 distinctive designer series is a cigar you’ll be proud to give and to display. View it online at:

Ultimate Dominican Cigar Sampler—Toro, Belicoso, Robusto – you name his favorite size cigar, and we’re supplying the sampler. What’s more, these greats make up the world-class Dominican hand-made cigars. Comprised of the most respected long filler tobaccos grown in the best Dominican areas, each of these cigars has its own distinctive blend. With wrappers chosen from around the globe, each brand produces its own remarkable taste and body. Here he will find the full spectrum of cigar enjoyment from light to medium to full-bodied. The aromas and taste subtleties provide an array of cigar enjoyment rarely found in any collection.View it online at:

Colibri Cigar Smoker Gift Set—Colibri is one of the leading cigar lighter companies. The set features the signature Colibri wind resistant Quantum SST flame and folding honed stainless steel 8 mm punch, and includes a free guillotine cutter with surgically honed stainless steel blades. There is also the “two finger” black leather cigar case, just right for carrying his cigars in protected style. View it online at:

Cherrywood Cigar Humidor Gift Set—This set has all the essentials to make cigar smoking the enjoyable pastime that it is. First, there’s the two-finger slipcase that makes it easy to carry cigars in a shirt or trousers pocket. When smoking time arrives, there’s the guillotine cutter that assures a clean cut every time. And the black ashtray provides an elegance that’s always appreciated. The pièce de résistance of this set is the Cherrywood Cigar Humidor. Perhaps our most popular repository, this box has it all. View it online:

High Roller Dominican Cigar Sampler—These are the prestigious cigar brands that connoisseurs the world over admire. Each one is a brilliant example of the cigar maker’s art. Cohiba, Macanudo, Macanudo Robust, La Gloria Cubana, La Gloria Series “R”, Partagas Black Label, Diablo, Partagas Spanish Rosado – these are the cigars that have earned accolades that rank them among the world’s most recognized cigar brands—and cost hundreds of dollars per box. View it online at:

Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler—Few brand owners have enjoyed as many successful boutique introductions as Allen Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley cigars. Working side-by-side with the industry’s blending geniuses, Rubin has succeeded in producing boutique cigars that are the envy of every manufacturer. They know that boutique cigars are unique in that most of them are single-run products, ones that take advantage of relatively small quantities of fillers, binders, and wrappers that most manufacturers find too small to be profitable. Yet it is these tobaccos that produce cigars a cut above. This sampler includes 12 cigars—each is a standout cigar from Rubin’s brands. View it online at:

12 Cigar Selection Sampler—Altadis, the Spanish cigar conglomerate, now owns the world rights to these great Dominican cigars, manufactured in Cuba for generations. There is no doubt that the Dominican versions of these cigars are every bit as good as their Cuban namesakes—and many connoisseurs prefer them to their Cuban counterparts. Take advantage of this remarkable twelve-cigar sampler so he can taste the world-renowned flavors of these great Dominicans. View it online at:

Powerhouse Dozen Cigar Sampler—Cigars don’t get much better than C.A.O., La Gloria, Hoyo de Monterrey and Macanudo. Let him try our taste test with nationally distributed brands and Thompson custom-made brands. The Powerhouse Dozen Sampler contains twelve hand-made cigars featuring brands chosen from among the most popular in our humidor. Each sampler comes with an elegant aluminum travel case and our own Thompson Cigar ball cap that announces his membership in an elite cadre of cigar smokers. View it online at:

Look Out Cigar Humidor—With its see-through glass top, the Lookout provides the ultimate in convenience. Just a glance reveals not only how many cigars are nestled safely in his repository, but he can also rest assured that they enjoy the utmost in protection from the elements. That’s why every connoisseur insists upon the safety provided by a well-made humidor. In addition to the handsome and functional glass top, this box has quality Spanish cedar lining throughout. The divided cedar tray removes for additional functionality, and the brass fitments, including a sturdy lock, assure years of trouble-free service. Included are a state-of-the-art hygrometer and a humidification system that assures an ideal 70% humidity, perfect for the preservation of his cigars. View it online at:

Showcase Cigar Humidor—This commodious cherrywood finished box with its glass top is large enough to accommodate 125 cigars. The humidor is 100% Spanish cedar-lined and features five compartments so that he can divide his cigars virtually any way he wishes. The two large humidifiers and hygrometer assure the contents will always remain fresh. Additional appurtenances include a protective felt-lined bottom and solid brass hinges and handles. View it online at:

Rosewood Deluxe 100 Cigar Humidor—Leads a double life. As with all our Thompson humidors, this deluxe humidor has the features that make it a top-notch repository for holding 100 of his cigars in elegant safety. But like Clark Kent, this humidor has another side to its personality. Just slip in the accompanying jewelry box insert and what was once a fully functional cigar humidor now converts to a jewelry case. This is definitely a gift you can both enjoy! View it online at:

Xikar Cutter and Lighter Combo—Cigar Aficionado Magazine rates Xikar cutters with “the best cigar cut.” They bring the same quality and attention to detail to their lighters. “Functional beauty” is their watchword, and these lighters bear it out. If you’re looking for a sporty model, then the Genesis is right up your alley. In either red or blue, this lighter has a single flame that he can always count on. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lighter that’s a bit more on the classy side, go for the Element. It’s a double-flame model, and it comes in either black or gunmetal—definitely eye-catching. View it online at:

And you can make it easy on yourself with fast, convenient, secure online shopping. Now that’s a wrap to a happy Valentine’s Day!

By guest blogger: Sally Anne Dishong, Web Content Editor/Writer for the LinkShare Corporation

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