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Friday, August 15, 2008

Transition Of The Care Of A Cigar

In the beginning, the care of a cigar, or to maintain the freshness was purely by chance, or better said- none.

The evolution to today’s very sophisticated electronic systems, began with a simple moist sponge in the box of cigars- then to the old “ice-box” then to refrigerators, and then to the development of a simple sponge within a receptacle of sorts- Bingo!- the birth of a humidity controlled piece.

Now, in the interim- humidors or very elaborate boxes came on the scene- and a marriage of the two- fancy box plus a unit to fit in it, proved an answer to fresh cigars.

When the boxes were being developed- a specific wood was found to enhance the taste, Spanish cedar, which is still used today.

From simple boxes now to exotic woods and very beautiful humidors began to appear- to the now result of some humidors becoming, one pride of ownership of a literal- piece of furniture.

Humidity systems now are of the electronic age- keeping the collection of cigars at 70rh and 70 degrees- for a perfect cigar for any occasions.

Finally, it is important that the development of humidors, small to wall size to room size be maintained constantly- and the collection of cigars remain in prime smoking condition.

As a rule- cigars should be firm to the touch, not soft as sponge or hard as a pencil.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thank You Cigar Smokers!

We have received a number of letters and emails from our dedicated customers, and wanted to take a moment once again to say thank you for the overwhelming support. Here are just a few customer testimonials that recently came in. Feel free to send us any comments you might have, so we can understand how to better satisfy you.

Dear Sir: Received my first shipment of La Paloma Corojo as recommended by your cigar-smart sales-person. All I can say is- it is perfect.

Signed L.R.
Phoenix, AZ

Thompson Company: Someone must have mistaken Thompson Co. cigars for another, I disagree with the comments, my cigar, Honduran Finas are just what I expected.

Signed Phil
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Sir: Your response to my inquiry of a delay on shipping due to an out-of-stock situation (Cohiba 5pk for $29.00) was a professional company’s answer. The two 5pks arrived and thank you.

Signed E.N.
Stanford, CT

Customer Service Supervisor: I received the Powerhouse 16 Sampler with your nice note. Your very thoughtful gesture just confirms the level of responsiveness and service I have always received from Thompson. Of course, I did not expect you to send me anything in response to my letter. I was simply providing some feedback from a customer. It is obvious you take customer’s comments seriously, as you should.

Thank you again for the cigars and your consideration of my complaint.

Signed J.R.
Victoria, TX

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