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Monday, April 17, 2006

Old Cigars Question

One of our Canadian readers writes to us and asks: "I have just discovered a box of Partagas cigars which I purchased about 3 years ago while visiting Cuba. They were not the "tubular" variety and so have dried out somewhat. Is it possible to restore the humidity back into the cigars?"

Al Remp responds:

  1. Do not squeeze to test for dryness.
  2. If you own a humidor, raise the level of the humidity guage to 78.
  3. If you do not own a humidor, place the cigars in a double zip lock bag - cigars in one bag, then zip it. Place that bag in another zip lock with a wet towel or wet sponge and zip it.
    Let the cigars sit for several days.
  4. Cigars should be firm, not spongy.
Let us know if this corrects the dryness.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Al Remp Immortalized

Thompson Cigar asked its resident cigar expert, Al Remp, to cast his hand prints in some newly poured cement outside the outlet store this morning.

The next time you stop by the store, ask to meet Al. If he isn't here, ask to see his sidewalk prints.

Puros Indios Cigar Event in Tampa

Thompson Cigar’s Outlet Store in Tampa, Fla. was honored to have a special visitor Friday April 7, 2006. Carlos Diez, Vice President of Puros Indios Cigars met with customers during an in-store tasting event featuring Puros Indios Cigars and Cuba Aliados Cigars.

Carlos is the grandson of famed Cuban cigar maker Don Rolando “Rolando Reyes Sr.” Carlos shared a story about a recent tragedy at his grandfather’s farm in Danli, Honduras. Don Rolando was feeding a wild boar that he had raised on the property when the boar attacked, mauling the hand that fed it. Carlos says it’s a slow process but the 82-year-old is doing better after traveling back and forth several times to the U.S. for surgery.

Don Rolando has been called “The world’s most talented cigar maker”. He considers himself to be a genuine “Cuban Tobacconist” in the old tradition. He likes to say “El que imita, fracasa – The one that copies, fails.”

Thompson Cigar hosts several in-store events each month. The next event will be April 21, 2006. We will host Christian Eiroa, son of Julio Eiroa, owner of Camacho and Baccarat Cigars.

Visit for more information.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cigar Wrappers Influence Appearance, Taste and Aroma

As continued from “Finding the Right Cigar Blend and Presentation”, the manufacturers must be confident that all the cigar components will be available from the supply, and the consistency will remain.

We begin now with fillers, dependent on the country and its soil, the seeds used in planting, time taken for curing and assurances that each of a possibility, using three or four types will, when joined with a specific binder, deliver the sensation to palate that all agree are needed.

Binders, which are somewhat heavier in texture, are needed to hold the fillers and of course enhance the qualities of the cigars, but never detract.

Wrappers are the final portion of the fillers and binder to finish the appearance, but more importantly have qualities of burn and taste, that some believe is responsible for between 20% to 50% of the overall taste.

Wrappers, which could have 75 different shades, hard to imagine, fall into 7 specifics.

Candela - A green color that was first popularized in the U.S. in the 1800's and early 1900's.

Claro - Pale to light brown, this is the classic color of a Connecticut shade grown tobacco wrapper. This color can also be referred to as natural.

Colorado Claro - Darker brown in color and similar to a Cameroon wrapper from West Africa.

Colorado - A reddish brown wrapper most often seen in well-aged and mature cigars.

Colorado Maduro - A dark brown wrapper, usually seen on cigars produced in Honduras, Nicaragua and sometimes in Cuba.

Double Claro - A greenish-brown wrapper that produces a somewhat light and bland taste.

Maduro - A dark, almost coffee-like color associated with full flavored and slightly sweet-tasting cigars.

Oscuro - Very dark, strong-flavored wrapper produced in Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua

The selection of wrapper is very important for all three components, appearance, taste and aroma for that great pleasure – cigar to cigar.

By Al Remp, product specialist and trainer, Thompson Cigar.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How to subscribe to Cigar Blog 101

We had a request from a reader on what to do with the RSS subscriber buttons in the right sidebar of Cigar Blog 101. Great Question.

You can either enter your email address using the box on the right side of the blog and receive updates once a day or you can use our RSS feeds for instant notification. Our RSS news feeds go through a service called Feedburner which produces a one size fit all feed, but we added the extra buttons for your convenience. The first two buttons are the basic feeds for people who use RSS frequently. The other buttons are for the most common homepages people use, such as Yahoo, Google or AOL. You can add "news feeds" or "RSS" on these homepages. Bloglines is a free web-based subscription page. Visit their site on how to set up an account.

To subscribe, all you have to do is click your RSS button of choice on our site, copy the web address and paste it in the appropriate news feed box. After that, you'll receive updated headlines or the full copy of our posts wherever you view the news feeds.

This is all meant to save you time so you don't have to visit your favorite blogs everyday. One of the best ways to receive updates is to pay $29 and order FeedDemon. You can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you want and organize them very nicely in a desktop application.

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